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This page contains all information about Latest Celebrity Nail Trends. Nail polish not only adds color to your nails but also gives you the right look. Though we think that girls are only behind making their faces attractive, it’s not true. It’s not just their face that makes them appealing.

They make sure that their nails are also manicured and painted nicely. Perfectly toned curvatures of the finger get more brightened when applied to the required shade. Gone are the days of glittery red nail paints, As for the colors, navy blue, matte white and grays are the ones to go for.

Latest Celebrity Nail Trends
Latest Celebrity Nail Trends

This stunning nail polish colors give girls a new look. The navy blue will bring drama into your look, the white makes a retro style of the 90′s and the gray simply makes the runway-inspired style. Cheryl Kramer Kaye, beauty director of Redbook Magazine, said. There’s no need for special nail art designs, just go simple, and leave the nails either with the classic french manicure, either in the one coated, single shaded looks.

Latest Celebrity Nail Trends
Latest Celebrity Nail Trends

Latest Celebrity Nail Trends:

If you opt for the metallic nails, as we already mentioned, go for silver! That’s the best of the bests, but if you prefer other shades, then go for gold, chrome, graphite or bronze to make a statement. The nail polish collections make elegant yet edgy looks, with neutral, matte, or extra shimmery metallic styles. It is the perfect combination of retro and modern, or chic and edgy. Latest Celebrity Nail Trends

Neutral Nail Polishes:

Vivid Colored Nail Polish:

Choosing a vivid color nail polish means choosing a nail polish that will stand out. And attract the attention of your gorgeous nails. There are a variety of vivid nail polishes that suit the fall/winter season. Shades that match perfectly the vividly colored outfits which also fall in the fall/winter fashion color scheme.

Go for indigo, orange, red, burgundy, deep green, as they’re fabulously stylish shades that will complete your stylish vividly colored outfit.  So have a complete fashionable look, we need to be in trend with the nail polish too. So we always have to be up to date with the latest colors, shades, and textures that designers release each season.Latest Celebrity Nail Trends

Latest Celebrity Nail Trends:

Metallic Colored Nail Polish:

Since the metallic shades nail polish has been on the falls runway shows, many celebrities opt for this trend, not only because of the shiny look but because it simply goes with everything.

Rihanna, Kate Winslet, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Micha Barton, Heidi Klum already choose the futuristic style in silver shades. But you can also opt for golden, graphite, chrome or bronze shades.

It is a gorgeous comeback of the 80′s fashion that brings some cool metallic shades in our outfit. It is a favorite for those who want to make a statement, just as for the ones who want a neutral shade to match any outfit.

Matte Colored Nail Polish:

The newest trends in nail polish colors are all matte nails. And if you don’t want to give up the shiny nails. Designers have found the perfect solution to help us. Stay in trend with the smallest details to there’s a matte topcoat. That instantly makes any nail polish the most matte look. Simply use it as a topcoat over your nail polish and enjoy your modern look.

Celebrities like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Agyness Deyn, Heidi Montag were all spotted wearing matte finish nail polishes. The celebrities’ best nail enamel colors became a fashion trend. And girls are applying all the weird colors to seem stylish. Let’s have a look at the eye-catchy colors which celebrities have flaunted:

You can also opt for a matte finish or glam your nails with shimmery or glittery polishes. The new range of nail color trends like nail lacquer from different brands always tries to polish. The nail with a luminous effect that has the potential to depict the mind of the individual. Colors not only give groomed looks to one’s style. The color-rich exactly focuses on burning the intense virtuality of one”s identity that makes a migraine for many.

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